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General Terms and conditions by Mercier & Cie organize and carry out online public auctions of vehicles and other material which are applicable to the general provisions of these terms. acting as an agent for the seller and is therefore not involved in the sale, linking only the buyer and seller of a vehicle. Thereby, can not be held responsible for any information not provided by the seller who commissioned for auction.


The vehicles come from our partnership with back leasing companies, credit and finance companies, car manufacturers, fleet owners and various owners. The origin of vehicules is perfectly known.

The vehicles are sold as is, as entrusted to Sending paperwork is done by post to the billing address within 10 days (unless otherwise stated).

All vehicles are subject to a rigorous inspection by an independent expert without commercial link to the seller of the vehicle. The assessment carried out is neutral, impartial and objective.


Vehicles are exposed on before auctions with: description, pictures, vehicle inspection (PDF file), service history (if provided by the seller). This exhibition allows prospective bidders Internet to prepare for sale.

You can find all sales planned in the "Upcoming auctions" on On the other hand, team can answer questions by email or phone, provide information and assist them in their buying process.



Most vehicles can benefit from a mechanical warranty that you can purchase in addition to the sale price with our partners.

You can also buy term insurance for 2, 7, 15 or 30 days, so you get time to compare different offers from insurance companies.

Finally, we can perform for you the vehicle prefecture.



The vehicle exhibition is totally free acces on


To take part in the online auctions, 2 conditions are required :

  1. Create an account on (free registration)

    To create an account, you must provide following documents :

    Trade professionals

    • Kbis extract (less than 3 months)
    • A copy from identity card or passport of companie's director
    • VAT certificate and number
    • Confirmation of agreement and validation of general terms and conditions
    • Registration form completed

    Verification and validation of the information transmitted will activat your account. Without this elements, no account will be activated and it will be unpossible to bid on

    Trade individual professionals

    • Registration certificate (SIREN directory)
    • A copy from identity card or passport of companie's director

    Private individuals (coming soon)

    • Registration form completed with a valid email address
    • Confirmation of agreement and validation of general terms and conditions
  2. Place a financial guarantee

    • A security deposit for the amount of 1 000 euro for trade professionals
    • A security deposit for the amount of 500 euro for private individuals.

This second step is also imperative if you wish to take parts in the auctions as a buyer than a guest.

Your bank details will be verified through a secure payment system. No charge will be made on your account.

If and only if you are awarded for a vehicle, you will be charged the amount of the deposit. This amount will then be deducted from your total invoice. doesn't saved credit card information . reserves the right to deny access to a user.

Disclosure of account information (login and password) to aynone is the only responsibility of the user. In case of non-payment on time , the user is then exposed to the closure of its account.

For each sale , you must submit a deposit : 1 sale = 1 deposit



There are 2 types of online auctions :

  • Classic auctions : In a classic auction, each vehicle is provided with an opening bid. The highest bidder wins the auction when the reserve price has been reached or exceeded. 
  • Auction to bid : a list of vehicles is provided with prices. Each client can make a single quote for a given vehicle. At the end of the auctions, best offer wins auctions if reserve price is reached.

For each auctions, the auctions category is always shown in auctions presentation and recalled on each sheet vehicles. There is only one auctions category for a sale.


DURING THE AUCTIONS reserves the right, during the sale, to withdraw any vehicle on which would be a mistake, a discrepancy or dispute.

The information delivered (description, pictures, etc.) are the property of and may not be reproduced for commercial purposes without the prior consent of the owner or their assigns.

Sellers are not allowed to bid on items they proposed.

Any bid is a commitment and will not be subject to withdrawal.



Following the sales, the highest bidders of each lot shall be declared "contractors" if the reserve price is reached or exceeded.
As contractor, you are notified by an email inviting you to finalize your order.

Finalization of order and payment

For the completion of the command, you have to confirm your billing information on in your space "My Account".

As the completion of the command is not carried out, we can not deliver your vehicles.

After completion of the order, then you have 48 hours to pay vehicles.

After the settlement of vehicles, an email will confirm the checkout and invites you to retrieve your billing documents and the orders to collect vehicles on site.



On, all payments are made exclusively by bank transfer or bank check credited to our account.

The deposit of 1000 Euro VAT (professionals) and 500 euro (private individuals) will be deducted from the total amount of your invoice. You will need to settle the bill.

Bank Account number - IBAN
Account owner: Mercier Automobiles
Domicile : Nord France Entreprises (02323)

RIB : 30004 00515 00010265117 07
IBAN : FR76 3000 4005 1500 0102 6511 707


Sales price displayed on are all taxes included.

You can recover the VAT on many vehicles.


Once paid for, the vehicle is made available immediately.

After payment, you will receive a confirmation by email allowing you to retrieve your invoices and documents to collect vehicles.

Collect of vehicles must be made within 5 days after purchase. After 5 days, late penalties will be charged to the purchaser by (10 euro VAT per day per vehicle). The non-payment of late penalties temporarily block the provision of vehicles.

To collect the vehicle , you must send by fax or email, at least 48 hours in advance, a copy of your order to the storage center.

In case of non-compliance with this procedure, the storage center may refuse to deliver your vehicle and can not be held responsible .

As the provision of the vehicle, the contractor is subject to the regulations on traffic , public or private transport, labor regulations, regarding the materials that must be brought into conformity and all legal obligations related to the use of the vehicle.



Provisions common to deliveries within the European Union and exports outside the European Union.

The following paragraph applies only to vehicles advertised "sold with VAT."
The export can be done only when the car is announced "SOLD WITH ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION". This means it is available and it will not immediately surrender. The export must be made within a maximum of 30 days of sale for both the European Union and all other countries. After this period, the export can not be subject to the VAT refund.

Delivery in the European Union

For professionals, obligation to give before sale:

     VAT certificate and number
     Companies register (equivalent to the Kbis extract in France)
     Any document confiming the identity of the manager (ID, passport).

Vehicles must be collected for shipping by a transporter that will produce a valid CMR document. The vehicle registration documents will be handed over once the original CMR document is supplied, confirming the delivery of the vehicles to an E.E.C. member state. The CMR must be signed, dated and feature the company seal.
Regulation should only be carried out by a foreign bank from the acquiring company.

Export outside the European Union

The purchaser must necessarily be made through the interme of a freight forwarded that is accredited by ENCHERESNET.COM (CAR INTERNATIONAL TRANSIT AGENCY ROUSSEL or EUGENE mussche).
The buyer must once export within the period of 30 days, deliver to ENCHERESNET.COM : Export Declaration (Ex1) marked ECS SORTIE. It is mandatory that, on this document "EX 1", ENCHERESNET.COM do appear as the sender.
VAT refund will be made within two months after receiving documents, only by bank transfer to the purchaser or any other name given by the purchaser.