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Place a bid

Type of auctions

Classic auctions

Bid fixed amount

It is the easiest auction.
You select an amount to bid (50, 100, 200 or 500 ) and confirm your bid fixed amount. This amount will be added to the current bid.

At the end of the auctions, the highest bidder is awarded the contract, subject to achieving a reserve price.

Automatic bid

This mode is similar to an auction purchase delegation to a capped amount.

You determine the maximum amount for which you acquire the vehicle. As this limit is not reached, our robot will automatically ensure to keep you highest bidder.

However, it will never exceed the maximum amount you set.

For better understanding, please find an example below :

Current highest bidder : € 5,000 VAT
You determine your automatic bid by entering the amount you want.

Example: automatic bid capped at € 5,500 then confirm it by clicking the "Bid" button.

Immediately our robot will place a bid for € 5100.

Imagine following the auctions : you against one or more buyers.

You => 5 100 €.
You are the highest bidder.

Buyer X = > € 5200.
The robot will place immediatly a new bid.

You = > € 5300.
You become new best bidder.

Buyer Y = > € 5400.
Immediate reaction of the robot.

You = > € 5500.
You are highest bidder again but you have reached your maximum bid.

Buyer Z = > € 5600.
The robot will not place a bid because of your maximum bid (€ 5500).

The system automatically sends you an email informing you that a bid has been placed against you, but we can not place a new bid because of your maximum amount.

Auction to bid

In the case of an auction to bid, there is no upgrade price. A listing of used vehicles is displayed for sale and every interested customer is responsible for setting the amount of the maximum bid for which he purchased the vehicle for sale .

At the end of the auction to bid, we proceed to the consolidation of all the quotations collected.

The highest bidder shall be awarded the lot when the reserve price has been reached. You will then receive an email confirming you that you won the auction.

How to place your bid online?

To place a bid, you must first register and create an account. Then, you need to login.

Classic auction

To place a bid in a classic auction , several options are available to you.

When you are on a vehicle sheet, you have 2 options :

Bid Fixed amount :

simply click the " Bid Fixed Amount " button and then click on your choice :

" € 50 " => Bid € 50 higher than the current bid ,
" € 100 " => Bid € 100 higher than the current bid ,
" € 200 " => Bid € 200 higher than the current bid ,
" € 500 " => Bid € 500 higher than the current bid ,

Finally, click the "Bid" button.

Automatic bid :

To fix your automatic bid, click "Automatic bid" and then enter the maximum amount for which you acquire the vehicle.

Finally, click the "Bid" button.

Auction to bid

uction to bid

To place a bid, simply enter your amount (in €) in the text box provided for this purpose and click on the "Bid" button.

Whatever type of auction, classic, automatic or bid for each sale, you must submit a deposit which will not be cashed. 1 sale = 1 deposit.

At the end of the auction if and only if you are awarded a contract for a vehicle, you will be charged the amount of the deposit. This amount will then be deducted from the total invoice amount.

If you do not pay for your vehicle, it will not be delivered and we will retain the deposit.

We alert you that a bid is a contractual commitment.